The Meteorite Speedmaster

How many times do we hear about the “Snoopy” Speedmaster? Recently, we’re hearing a lot about the “Tintin” edition as well. There are so many Speedmaster models out there that it can be hard to keep track, but it seems that the one that’s truly different from the rest never gets much attention. I feel that some of the lesser talked about, quality models deserve to get their day in the spotlight, and so I want to tell you about my favourite Speedmaster: the meteorite dial Speedmaster in rose gold and grey ceramic.

What I really appreciate in this watch are the decisions regarding the materials used. Unlike a lot of watches with gold where the gold takes a very prominent place, this watch uses gold very sparingly, more as an accent to the rest of the watch. It lets the meteorite dial take center stage, as it should, and the gold looks nice in contrast with the grey ceramic. Omega uses their 18K Sedna™ gold for the hands and bezel whereas their Ceragold™ is used for the tachymeter scale. On the topic of the meteorite use, Omega does a really good job here. They use meteorite for the entire dial and thankfully not just for the subdials (I’m looking at you, 321 in platinum). Being that the “moonwatch” is a watch that’s supposed to be known for its outer space tie-ins, it’s good that they don’t do anything to draw attention away from the meteorite dial. The grey ceramic and matching strap let the rest of the watch stay sort of muted instead of having the more distracting and shiny stainless steel. Without all the distractions, the meteorite shows up as it’s supposed to, as the main attraction. The rose gold accents look good against the sea of grey, while the red details such as the Speedmaster” font at the top of the dial, and the tip of the seconds hand also look good with the rest of the color scheme.

The case is sized at 44.25mm and is water proof to 50 meters. Inside is Omega’s Co-Axial 9300 movement, fitted with a silicium balance spring, dual barrels, and bidirectional-winding rotor. The movement has a power reserve of 60 hours and is visible via a sapphire crystal used on the back of the watch. I really wish Omega would reduce the case diameter slightly, but that definitely doesn’t stop me from giving this watch very high marks. Most people will be waiting a long time or paying significantly over retail to get a Snoopy III, but this is, in my opinion the Speedmaster to get. It’s completely unique in its design; cool, yet somewhat stealthy; and is available immediately from Omega authorized dealers. If John Mayer picked the yellow gold/green dial & white gold/blue dial Daytonas as the overlooked models in a world full of attention given almost exclusively to steel and Paul Newman models, the GSoTM Meteorite is my pick for the overlooked gem in the Omega Speedmaster line when we live in a world full of Snoopies.

The Omega Speedmaster Grey Side of the Moon Meteorite is priced at 14,050 USD and is available with a rose gold foldover clasp for 15,600 USD. The watch comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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