The Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Tourbillon Carbon Blue

Hublot has been known for introducing many new material and colour combination pieces to the market. Some have been better than others, but released just this year is one of the best: The Spirit of Big Bang Tourbillon Carbon Blue.Hublot_Spirit_of_Big_Bang_Tourbillon_Carbon_Blue_645-QL-7117-RX-SD-HR-W-jpgComing in at 42mm, this Spirit of Big Bang features a somewhat industrial-looking openworked dial. The silver and blue colours here (with a small splash of red) are nice, but the real standout for this watch is its case. Made of carbon fibre with blue composites, the case takes on a beautiful, almost meteorite appearance. Paired with a rubber strap that is mostly blue, but with a black backing, the colours of this watch look superb. The strap is also the first on a Spirit of Big Bang to feature Hublot’s One-Click quick change strap system.

The blue and black colour scheme tends to be fairly subtle for most watches, and even though the colours on this watch are fairly muted, subtle it is not. Then again, when it looks this great why not have it stand out a little bit more than some of your other more conservative watches? Additionally, the 115 hour power reserve that you get here is great for a watch that you likely won’t be wearing every day of the week. Despite being priced at $94,700, I feel that this 100-piece limited edition run will sell out fairly quickly for Hublot. I’m hoping they’ll follow this one up with an almost identical watch, but sans tourbillon. The case looks great and could be the start of a very successful string of releases for the company in a variety of colour combinations.

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