Three: Green Dial Watches

  1. Piaget Polo S:PiagetPoloSGreenWMWB

Piaget’s Polo S has impressed me in many ways ever since its release, although after trying it on in person, one way it did manage to let me down was in its bracelet. The bracelet feels too chunky and it feels like the finishings (brushed and polished) should have been reversed, but luckily that’s not something we need to think about with this reference.

Offered on a matching green alligator strap, this Piaget serves as a serious competitor in a rather niche market. There are few high-quality watches with green dials that present a green approachable enough to wear outside of solely “sporty” settings. The green on this one is subdued enough that it could easily be worn with a suit. That’s another big factor, the fact that the green is so muted in comparison to the bezel of a green ceramic Submariner for example, that it can easily be worn with a grey suit. It can also do something a green Sub could never pull off: not looking horribly out of place when wearing a navy suit.

The Polo S offers up a sporty design that still embodies the timeless, classic design of the Piaget brand. The horizontal lines on the dial harken back to the horizontal stripes of the gold Piaget Polos of yesteryear which dominated the 80’s watch scene. This modern rendition of the Polo is an overlooked gem that deserves more attention than it receives. Then again, it makes owning one even better when you know it’s almost certain that you’ll never run into someone else wearing a green Polo S.

2. Piaget Vintage Inspired with Malachite Dial:

PiagetMalachiteThere are no rules against duplicates, so I’m going to pick a second Piaget for this list. Piaget’s “Vintage Inspiration” features a beautiful malachite dial. Framed by a rarely-seen step bezel, this watch definitely fits the name Piaget picked for it. The only thing about it that doesn’t feel very “vintage” is the fact that the case is 45x43mm… a far cry from the era where something like this watch should be from, where a large round watch would be coming in around 37mm in diameter. Overall though, its watches like this and Patek Philippe’s Ellipse line that make me excited for the possibilities of rejuvenating some of the big dress watch styles from the 60’s and 70’s. Nowadays, a dress watch is almost exclusively sold as a round watch… some of these older designs give life to a watch category that has become monotonous and redundant in recent decades.

3. Breitling Premier B01 Chronograph 42 Bentley British Racing Green:
breitlingpremiergreenwmwb.pngI was fairly concerned at first when I saw the Breitling Navitimer 8 collection, and quickly grew worried about the overall direction of the brand. The Premier line though has significantly lessened my concerns as I’m hoping that the future of Breitling will look more like this rather than the disappointing Navitimer 8.

This is what Breitling’s Navitimer 8 line should have been. A more modern-looking chronograph to complement the more old-fashioned, but strong look of the standard Navitimer collection. The watches are different enough that they won’t hurt the sales of one another, and appeal to two different sets of buyers. There are a number of very nice Premiers, but for this article, I had to select this Bentley edition in British Racing Green. The colour of the strap aligns very well with the slightly differently-shaded sunburst green dial. The overall result is a strong, yet refined chronograph that could really excite someone who will appreciate this modern take on the iconic Breitling chronograph.

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