The Arnold & Son HM Perpetual Moon Aventurine

The Arnold & Son HM Perpetual Moon with blue guilloché dial used to be my favourite watch within Arnold & Son’s entire collection. Having said that, it would take something pretty big to dislodge it from its top spot. Arnold & Son outdid themselves though this year when they released the same watch, but with a beautiful aventurine dial.

I still love the blue guilloché dial, but after having seen the aventurine dial in person, there isn’t a comparison. It really is a watch without equal. I can’t think of another watchmaker that offers a larger moon phase or a larger aventurine dial. It offers something incredibly unique and intriguing—which done a number of others ways could have turned out flamboyant and loud—but is instead fairly discreet.It’s a great watch that is mainly a dress watch, but can still carry over into daily life. It has a unique design that gives the wearer an added sense of “specialness” in more ways than one.

It takes everything that I love about the standard guilloché version and improves upon an already beautiful dial. While the guilloché dial combined with the rest of the watch creates an attractive combination, the new aventurine dial takes that to the next level and then some. This new dial added to what already makes the HM Perpetual Moon special: the size of the moon phase, the indices, the second moon phase indicator on the back of the watch to set the watch more precisely… it comes together to create a very unique watch that’s part of a series of 28 total pieces from a manufacturer that is already rarely seen in the wild.

Honestly, it’s just a watch that makes you feel happy to wear. That’s the entire goal of our love of watches: to elicit happiness. In that most important of respects, it accomplishes its goal without compromise.

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