The Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse

It’s not the most well-known watch that Patek Philippe currently makes, but Patek’s Golden Ellipse is one of my favourite dress watches currently available. It takes so much of its design from what made some of the thinner, odd-shaped dress watches from the 70’s so popular. Very few companies are making anything comparable to this in 2020, and Patek’s iteration of it is really well done. Offered currently in either rose gold with black dial or platinum with blue dial, the Golden Ellipse line takes us back to a time in watchmaking that few others dare to go back to out of fear of losing out on the millennial watch buyers market.




Evocative of a different, better time, Patek’s Golden Ellipse helps to fill a significant need in the current watch market. While so many people go for oversized sports watches, there are still some of us who still appreciate thin, non-traditionally-shaped cases. The Golden Ellipse takes us back to a time of true elegance where people still had respect for themselves and those around them.


With a height of 5.9mm, this watch stays true to the dress watch form where many modern watches opt for something thicker. Both the rose gold and platinum versions feature a crown set with an onyx and are graded to be water resistant to about 30m, so essentially are just splash resistant, which fits with the overall feel of a dress watch. With divers you dive; with dress watches you wash your hands and nothing more. Practical? No. Feels right? Yes. If my dress watch goes down to 1,000ft in water, I don’t want it.


The Patek Philippe 5738R is priced at 31,980 USD and the 5738P is priced at 52,390 USD.

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