Announcing The WMWB Awards

WatchMeWatchBlog is excited to announce our own watch awards! Going forward, we will host an annual event known as the WMWB Awards. The WMWB Awards event will take place each December where we will crown our favorite watches of the year! The inaugural WMWB Awards will take place this year on December 15th.

Awards will be given in the following eight categories:

Best Men’s Watch

Best Women’s Watch

Best Chronograph

Best Non-Chronograph Complication

Best Unique Time Display

Best Watch Under 2,000 USD

Best Jewelry Watch

Best Artistic Dial

Stay tuned on December 15th as all winners will be announced via our Instagram, starting at noon CST, where a new winner will be announced at the start of each hour. At 8 p.m., the final list will be uploaded on our website!

For all watchmakers: If you have a watch that you want to submit for consideration that you believe we may not already be aware of, please reach out to us via our contact page.

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