Another Case of Being Overlooked: Arnold & Son

What more could you want? Ever since Citizen resurrected Arnold & Son they’ve basically been given the full creative freedom needed to produce very high quality watches. This is now a company that creates breathtakingly beautiful watches with some really interesting aesthetics and mechanics, that cost a fraction of the price of any similarly interesting offerings from companies like Lange and Patek.

hm_perpetual_moon_rg5n_blue_emotionLook at a gorgeous piece like the HM Perpetual Moon with its 4 different metal/dial combinations. The dials are absolutely beautiful (especially in the case of the blue guilloche dial, but the parchment and black dials are fantastic as well), and they house currently the largest moon phase on the market. The moon phase isn’t overly gaudy or showy, it’s just beautiful. Additionally, the back of the watch allows for a more precise phase indication with a separate moon phase indicator.

hm-perpetual-moon_a_s1512_face_perspectiveIf one moonphase isn’t enough for you, go ahead and look at the Double Hemisphere Perpetual Moon. There’s nothing else like it out there on the market. While maybe not as subtle as the traditional HM Perpetual Moon, the Double Hemisphere really has a nice presence about it with its dual moon dial and blue/gold color scheme (which is the only color scheme available on the DHPM).

time_pyramid_5n_emotionFrom one innovative design to another, we now come to the Arnold & Son Time Pyramid, which is available in either stainless steel or red gold. Also available on the gold model is either a sapphire caseback (serves as the backdrop) or a closed caseback (color-matched guilloche backdrop). The stainless steel model comes with a sapphire caseback as the only model. This kind of watch from any other brand would be sold at a much higher price point, but Arnold & Son manages to make a very high quality, well-finished, and uniquely designed watch (again!) without scaring off potential customers with an astronomically high price tag.


With twin barrels where the power from one is worked off of until it is spent and then the other barrel takes over, this really is a fun watch if movements fascinate you. Each barrel also has its own dedicated power reserve indicator on the dial. The entire design of the watch maintains symmetry and is a joy to look at. There are some watches out there that people wear just to wear and then there are some watches that people wear to enjoy. This is without a doubt the latter. a_s1615_mvt_tp_front-galleryjpg

That’s what it really all comes down to with Arnold & Son, they don’t make watches just to make watches. They make watches to enjoy. Luckily Citizen has given them the creative freedom (and budget) to do what they want… So many companies don’t understand what makes watches the incredible parts of our lives that many horologists view them as, but Arnold & Son truly is one of the exceptions. They get it. They appear to be watch lovers themselves and it shows through the incredible pieces they create. Look at their website for their full line of watches, but Arnold & Son is one of the few brands where I can know in advance that they’ll continue to produce great new pieces at each year’s Baselworld… (or whatever watch show they’ll be at in the future).

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