Special for Valentine’s Day: Blancpain’s Villeret Women Quantièm Phases de Lune

With Valentine’s Day only weeks away, I started thinking of what one watch comes to mind when I think of that day. I tried to think of men’s watches that would work, but this one specific lady’s Blancpain kept superseding any men’s watches I could think of. While there may be other women’s watches that commemorate the day in more subtle fashion, the Blancpain Villeret Women Quantièm Phases de Lune is far and away the frontrunner in terms of determining the “Valentine’s Day” watch. Let’s have a look at it:6126-2954-95A_red_front_PR

Blancpain’s 99-piece run of this special Villeret is offered in red gold with diamond-set bezel and lugs. Diamond markers can also be found being used as eight of the indices on the mother-of-pearl dial. Coming in at 33.2mm, it features an appropriately-sized moon phase at the 6 o’clock position. To add to the “Valentine’s” feel of the watch, a red strap option is included. More importantly, a heart-tipped hand is used to indicate the date and an arrow is used as the seconds hand. The arrow will cross over the heart (effectively “piercing” it) once every minute.


To make the image clearer, the Villeret’s rotor features a motif of a heart being pierced by what one could assume is Cupid’s arrow. The watch features a quick-change strap system to make the task of swapping out the included red strap and white strap effortless. The Blancpain Villeret Women Quantièm Phases de Lune is priced at 22,900 CHF.

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