New Release: Max Büsser & Friends’ Legacy Machine Perpetual in Yellow Gold

Offered for the first time in yellow gold, Max Büsser’s namesake company has released a new addition to the LM Perpetual family. As the movement doubles as the dial, much of the movement is blue on the front to provide a beautiful backdrop to the yellow gold colour that claims most of the rest of the watch.


The Legacy Machine Perpetual line eliminates some of the most common issues that occur with perpetual calendar complications. One of the biggest innovations is that in order to protect the integrity of the movement, the pushers for the perpetual calendar will not engage during periods when the date is changing. This LM also lowers the time needed to set the calendar’s leap year mechanism by including a dedicated quickset pusher specficially for the year.


MB&F did an incredible job with this series in creating a watch that uses a movement for a dial, yet still doesn’t look like the typical “skeleton” watch. Part of the trick to avoiding that typical skeleton look is in the fact that the LM Perpetual line uses hidden studs to create the appearance of floating subdials. Another big part is that the balance is suspended over the rest of the watch’s face. Having a number of pieces at varying heights allows for much greater depth and helps us to appreciate the beauty of each individual piece instead of looking at a mass of parts at a uniform height.


This new yellow gold version of the much-acclaimed Legacy Machine Perpetual is limited to 25 total pieces. The Legacy Machine Perpetual in yellow gold is priced at 167,000 USD.


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