Breaking News: Bulgari Pulls Out of Baselworld 2020

Approximately a month after brand executive Jean-Christopher Babin publicly stated that 2020 would be the final year at Baselworld for Bulgari, it seems today that Bulgari has changed their mind and decided to immediately end their partnership with Baselworld. The initial announcement came at LVMH’s Watch Week LVMH’s Watch Week held in Dubai last month, but the company has quickly reversed.

Their event in Dubai does seem to have been a success so far, so they’ll be feeling especially good right now by having presented many of their new watches already and having received international media attention without dealing with the likely worsening global effects of Coronavirus and without having to go through the expense of showing at Baselworld. Bulgari will likely go towards the individual markets to show new watches now instead of hosting it all at a centralized location. Babin leaves open the possibility of Bulgari returning to Baselworld in 2021, but with how fast the watch fair is losing steam and how LVMH is diverting resources to building up their own watch showings, this seems unlikely. We’ll need to see if two of LVMH’s other high-end brands, Hublot and Zenith, decide to pull out as well, as they’re both brands that could also find success with regional events instead of a centralized watch fair.

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