Joseph Kirk on Kodo: “The Beating Heart of Grand Seiko” at The HSNY

As stated on the HSNY’s website, Joseph Kirk, Brand Curator and National Training Manager for Grand Seiko Corporation of America, will lecture on “Grand Seiko’s philosophy in mechanical watchmaking, the frequencies used and the advances in the mechanisms themselves, such as the newly introduced 9SA5 Hi-Beat 36000 80 hours with Dual Impulse Escapement and the new T0 Constant Force Tourbillon with the world’s first fully integrated constant force tourbillon on the same axis.” Joining him in attendance will be Akio Naito, Chairman and CEO of Grand Seiko Corporation of America, and Takuma Kawauchiya of the Product Development Department of Seiko Watch Corporation. Kawauchiya’s vision was ultimately responsible for the development and recent release of the TO Constant Force Tourbillon.

The lecture will take place via Zoom on Monday, November 2nd, beginning at 7 and concluding at 9PM EST. The lecture is free to the general public, but advance registration is required through the HSNY’s website in order to join the Zoom meeting.

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